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Although rodents are usually the only mammal household pest, rodent pest control strategies are the same as for most other pests. These animals are well adapted to living in very close association with humans, sharing food and shelter but that doesn’t mean they can live in your home without repercussions!


Rodent pest control should be a priority in every home because:

  • Eating and contamination of stored food: Poor rodent pest control causes major losses in stored food through either consumption or contamination with urine, faeces and hair.
  • Physical Damage: The gnawing habits of rodents can cause considerable damage. Buildings, furniture, books, equipment and machinery are not immune to this sort of damage. Rodents will gnaw electrical cables causing short-circuits and even electrical fires.
  • Disease Transmission: Rats and mice play a role in transmitting diseases including the bubonic plague, salmonella, Murine typhus fever, Weil’s disease and trichinosis. Diseases are transmitted in a number of ways including the urine and faeces of rodents, scratching and biting, other parasites (e.g. fleas) or via pets.
  • Attracting snakes: Rodents are food for many species of snake, both venomous and constricting; these snakes may then pose a danger to you, your pets or your family.


Newcastle Kill A Pest use four main approaches for rodent pest control:

  1. Sanitation – reducing the food and shelter available for rodent activity.
  2. Rodent-proofing – alter the building structurally so that rodents cannot gain entry.
  3. Trapping – using traps to physically capture rodents.
  4. Chemical Control – covers a wide variety of techniques including baiting, use of tracking powders and gels.

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