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Lawns in many areas of Australia are being attacked by armyworms (Spodoptera mauritia). These caterpillars are brown, greenish-brown or black, sometimes with striped or triangular markings along the body. They feed on lawns in large groups, then when the food supply is exhausted they move off together, a bit like an army on the march.

Particularly affected are kikuyu and couch lawns. Less affected are buffalo and Queensland blue couch.

If you notice that your lawn has been eaten almost back to bare soil, call us at Bug Force for a professional treatment.

The bad news is, that it is possible for lawns to be attacked several times during summer and early autumn.
If this happens, retreatment is necessary. As the roots of the lawn should still be intact despite the damage to the leaf area, it is possible to get regrowth by applying a fast-acting fertiliser.

Armyworm is found in the warmer months and can be encountered in most areas of Australia.

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