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NOVITHOR Termite Barrier — The Pesticide Free Termite Protection System

NOVITHOR Pesticide Free Termite Protection System is a tested and approved termite protection system that creates an impenetrable barrier to prevent the ingress of subterranean termites.

The NOVITHOR System consists of three pesticide free elements which, in combination, ensure any construction type can be securely protected.


The system can be used during the construction phase, as well as post construction. All three elements work by creating an impregnable barrier that termites cannot chew through or damage, and that is resistant to their secretions. In fact, NOVITHOR Termite Proofing Resin and NOVITHOR Termite Proof Cementitious Parge are granite-like when set.

The NOVITHOR Termite Barrier System provides eco-friendly, cost effective and pesticide free protection from termites. Once applied, the NOVITHOR Pesticide Free Termite Protection System is not an eye sore on the completed structure; indeed the finished barrier is invisible to the naked eye.

Brick Wall With Resin
Gel Lining Interior Wall Frames

Liquid Protection

NOVITHOR Termite Proofing Resin is a liquid formulation containing a specially formulated blend of resins. It is applied to masonry mortar joints and rendered masonry surfaces.
It contains no pesticides and is easily applied by a low pressure spray. Application can be done either during construction or to protect existing buildings.

The NOVITHOR liquid carries the resins deep into the substrate to be protected, typically penetrating 20mm or deeper. The liquid then evaporates off leaving the resins invisibly embedded in the substrate where they solidify to form a granite-like impenetrable barrier that termites simply cannot get past.

Termite Proof Cementitous Parge

NOVITHOR Termite Proof Cementitious Parge is a resinous cement/mortar that is used as a:

  • a termite proof sealant to fill cracks and crevices that termites may exploit to enter a property
  • a termite proof render/plaster (above and below ground) for masonry retaining walls
  • a termite proof mortar, for repairing honeycombing and damage in concrete slabs
  • a termite proof parge around pipe penetrations
  • a termite proof parge for AAC block panels
  • a termite proof grout in tilt slab panel construction
  • a termite proof parge for composite/precast wall panel systems

The difference between this and an ordinary cement/mortar is that it contains the unique NOVITHOR resins that solidify to turn it into a granite-like barrier that is impenetrable to termites.

Termite Proof Flexi-Gel

NOVITHOR Termite Proof Flexi-Gel is a high performance neutral cure silicone sealant and adhesive, specifically formulated for termite proofing buildings during construction. It is suitable for use indoors, outdoors or in confined spaces.

It is used for termite proofing construction joints and saw cuts in slabs; termite proofing control joints in brickwork or block work; termite proofing tilt slab panels and securing tilt panels; filling construction and expansion joints or crevices in the slab and in Australia for joining ant-capping.

Termites are unable to penetrate the NOVITHOR Termite Proof Flexi-Gel that has been fully tested in rigorous trials with the CSIRO.


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