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Ant Pest Control Newcastle, Maitland & Lake Macquarie


When it comes to Ant Pest Control Newcastle, chances are the Ants in your home actually live in nests outside—which is exactly where Newcastle Kill A Pest technicians begin to target them. Insecticide is applied outside, to the exterior foundation walls of your house, creating a treated area of protection.


Our residential and pest control service has proven highly effective in controlling many species of ants and other household pests. Our non-repellent band of protection combined with granular baits is the one-two combo that will eliminate ants and insects from around the home.


Exterior Treatment consists of:

  • Applying a band of non-repellent insecticide
  • Applying granular baits

Interior Treatment consists of:

  • Treating with gel baits (along established ant pathways)
  • Treating with Ant bait reservoirs
  • Applying monitor traps

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