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Smart, safe termite control with Syngenta Altriset

At Newcastle Kill A Pest we are constantly keeping up with the latest in technology, and are currently Altriset accredited. Altriset™ is the latest termiticide to be released into the marketplace. Altriset™ is the environmentally smart choice and is the first liquid termiticide that doesn’t require special personal protective equipment to apply or need a caution label, making it the smart choice for your family, pets and the environment.

How Altriset prevents further termite damage

Altriset™ works by paralysing the mouths of termites within hours of ingestion, stopping further damage immediately. But Altriset™ doesn’t stop there. It also increases termites’ already social behaviour. They groom and exchange food, therefore spreading Altriset™ to other colony members.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your termite control professional applies Altriset™ according to the label directions.
  • The first wave of termites to come into contact with Altriset™ walks through it, ingest it and carry it on their bodies. They cannot taste or smell it.
  • Within hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralysed to stop further feeding.
  • Exposed termites experience increased grooming and interaction so that they spread Altriset™ among other colony members.
  • Over time, termites become more lethargic and show signs of muscle paralysis.
  • Altriset™ eliminates termites within three months or less when used in accordance with the label.

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